Steven Keun Woo Lee 


Steven is currently a sophomore at American University majoring in audio production and communication studies. Steven was born and partially raised in Seoul until he eventually moved to California. Being from two different cultures, Steven developed a powerful motivation to help the world after realizing how many people are suffering in both Korea and America. He hopes that on Books For Change, others will find the same passion and dedication to helping people.

Alice Lieu

Content Writer 

Alice goes by Alice, long for Al and short for Alice Lieu, her full name. She is currently a sophomore at Yale University studying English, previously an infant with a tendency to misjudge the primary functions of items and so would delightfully end up eating crayons during snack-time. For what she lacks in her singing abilities (she finds it easier to just yell), she makes up for in her talent for chugging milk. However, this skill is difficult to share with others, so she usually prefers to write some words and share those instead.



Tyler Lin

Content Writer 

Tyler is currently a junior at American University studying literature with a focus in creative writing and minoring in psychology. He favors skepticism and critical thought in his writing, naturally, with a touch of humor.