Website Update #1

Hello, and thank you for visiting Books For Change. This month, we are focusing on disaster relief in California as wildfires continue to disrupt the state’s communities. We will be selecting charities to promote in the hopes that funds go directly to helping displaced people and those helping with disaster aid. We will be updating the site once we decide on a responsible organization.

We have also entered the beta stage of web development, and hope to add more to

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Thank you for visiting!

Hello, and welcome to my website. I am Steven Keun Woo Lee, the founder of Books For Change.

It is far too often that I see reminders of the pain our world is going through. For many people, each day is a challenge in itself; it is an unfortunate and sad reality that a countless amount of communities around the world endure the crippling grasp of poverty, natural disasters, and other hardships.

Yet every

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