CA Mudslides Update

Wally Skalij | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

CALIFORNIA – Tragedy strikes again in California as mudslides devastate Montecito. The mudslides occurred on Tuesday the 9th, and have destroyed 65 homes while damaging hundreds of others. The death toll has climbed to 20, and is expected to rise. There are several people still missing and un-accounted for.

The images of devastation are horrific. Homes buried in feet of standing mud, slowly hardening around the ruins of family homes.  Rescue crews are currently searching for missing persons, impeded by the large amount of debris covering the affected area. The area of evacuation has increased with the hopes of avoiding further loss of life in the Montecito area.

The mudslides are a result of heavy rains dislodging loose soil and heavy rocks on an elevation. The recent Thomas Fire further weakened the region against mudslides as vegetation was burned away, making the region less stable. Experts are now working to minimize any future damage. Roads are still closed.

There are ways we can help. We can help by donating to organizations that give resources to professionals who can help those in need, organizations like the American Red Cross, and Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a Santa Barbara based charity relief group that provides medicine and supplies in the wake of disasters. Thomas Tighes, CEO of Direct Relief, told CNBC, “As search and rescue efforts continue, Direct Relief is coordinating its response with the Santa Barbara County Public Health and Emergency Services Departments, as well as the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster,”. Donated funds go directly to disaster relief in Montecito and Santa Barbara.

There is still much to do in helping those still suffering in California. Together, with a driven goal, we can succeed in helping the experts recover and rebuild these communities.

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