The Two Ends of a Beginning

“The Animals Reject their Names and Things Return to Their Origins” can be found by clicking here.

Animals trod, swim, fly, gallop in many of the books we read, dive into the depths of our childhood comforts as plushies, growl and grunt throughout long traditional activities like hunting. They play countless roles in our lives, but they are hardly ever seen as themselves in their own environment. In opposition to the usage of animals as tropes and

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Analysis Essay: Does human intelligence lead to unhappiness?

Image by Gillian Wilson

Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis is an apologue that wanders through the tensions between language and happiness, specifically in the form of human intelligence and consciousness. The premise of the book is grounded on the question of whether human intelligence and consciousness is a gift or a precursor to inevitable unhappiness, and so to test this, Alexis pries the condition of being human from the human body and

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