Books For Change is dedicated to sharing self-reflections and commentary on literature that inspires positive change within both individuals and communities.

Books For Change is not a non-profit organization. Books For Change is a content-based initiative on helping people reach out to different societies around the world. 

Hello, and welcome to my website! I am Keun Woo Steven J. Lee, the founder of Books For Change.

It is far too often that I see reminders of the pain our world is going through. For many people, each day is a challenge in itself; it is an unfortunate reality that a countless amount of communities around the world endure the grasp of poverty, natural disasters, and other hardships.

Yet every time I hear about catastrophic, ongoing events of the world, I notice a familiar trend. Many people struck by disasters choose to exercise values of resilience. Even when hit by tough circumstances, people still choose to be selfless, strong, charitable, and welcoming. People choose to help others, even in their own suffering.

I am humbled to walk on the same earth that these amazing people plant their virtues in. I am choosing to follow the path of kindness, empathy, and strength that many others have worked so hard to establish.

I am beginning my mission to help people with this website.

On this platform, you will find an assortment of works written by passionate writers. You will find content from authors that challenge you to consider how their works fit into your own life. You will find content from writers who simply wish to pour out personal opinions and thoughts into text. You may even find content that you disagree with. All the same, the pieces here will likely lead you to cultivate thoughtful reflections.

In fact, that is my goal: to hopefully inspire you, the reader, to relate the content here to your own life. Furthermore, as you read through the different works posted here, I sincerely hope that you find meaning in helping others. Throughout the site, you will find resources in which you can donate money to help different communities.

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From the deepest roots of my heart, I sincerely thank you for visiting. I hope you find the content here worth your time and I hope you are able to donate to the causes and firms that strive to make our world a safer home.

– Steven