CA Mudslides Update

Wally Skalij | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

CALIFORNIA – Tragedy strikes again in California as mudslides devastate Montecito. The mudslides occurred on Tuesday the 9th, and have destroyed 65 homes while damaging hundreds of others. The death toll has climbed to 20, and is expected to rise. There are several people still missing and un-accounted for.

The images of devastation are horrific. Homes buried in feet of standing mud, slowly hardening around the ruins of family homes.  Rescue

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Man’s Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy, left this world a heartwarming and extensive masterpiece about suffering: Man’s Search for Meaning. Undoubtedly, Frankl’s work adapts all the values that he expressed in his own life as a doctor, husband, Holocaust survivor, and a humanitarian; the psychiatrist’s experiences with his hardships provide the wisdom and truth behind each of his insights related to emotional distress.

Frankl was a concentration camp inmate for three years,

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